These are some of the apps and websites trying to address the DemocracyMap challenges. Also see the open source projects.

  • demo – an open source stack which provides an open API and consumes other open APIs. Provides nationwide coverage in the US with over 100,000 local officials including nearly all municipal officials in over 5 states. (open source)
  • OpenNorth Represent – Broad coverage of Canadian government bodies. Based on the Boundary Services API listed below. (open source)
  • Boundary Services API – A boundary lookup services from Chicago Tribune (open source)
  • Openly Local – Openly Local is a new project to develop an open and unified way of accessing UK Local Government information. See also OpenlyLocal Ward Maps
  • MySociety MapIt – MapIt is a service that maps UK postcodes and geographical points to administrative areas. (open source)
  • Avencia Cicero – Spatial data for Local, State & National Legislatures
  • VoterNotes – Voter Notes is a nonpartisan, nationwide voter information website.
  • NYTimes Districts API – With the Districts API, you can get political districts based on a pair of coordinates. Currently, the Districts API is limited to New York City.
  • NY Times Represent – a recent project that covers New York City. This also has voting records and articles that include the representative.
  • – includes biographical information and some location information (seems a little rougher on location than some databases). National. Also includes information about candidates, and a voting record. Has some local officials but not local candidates.
  • GovHub - provides a personal page with information about each representative and issue that touches your life. (Data provided by VoteSmart)
  • LittleSis is an involuntary facebook of powerful Americans, collaboratively edited by people like you.
  • offers a unique look at the world of Washington through its key players and personalities. Our site features profiles of prominent government officials, including members of the Obama administration, U.S. lawmakers and governors, senior congressional aides and committee staff, lobbyists and experts at think tanks and interest groups who comprise the world of unofficial Washington.
  • Freedomspeaks provides representative lookup and an API
  • Smart Voter Local election coverage for candidates and ballot items.
  • Vote 411 Focused on state level elections.
  • ElectNext – no public data yet, but claims to be “opening up key data on every politician, group, issue, and event, from President to dogcatcher, here and around the world.”


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