DemocracyMap API Covers Over 100,000 Local Officials

The updated DemocracyMap API now provides coverage of over 100,000 local officials with a growing list of public scrapers hosted on ScraperWiki. You can see a demo of the API output at

If you would like to contribute new scrapers, please say so on the mailing list and take a look at the guidelines for contributing.

The current DemocracyMap API coverage includes:


  • All Congressman (Sunlight Congress API)


Primary contact information for all US States (website, phone number, etc)

  • All 50 Governors
  • All State legislators – (Open States API)


Primary contact information for all US counties (website, address, etc)

  • All County Officials (35,907 officials)


Primary contact information for all US cities (website, address, etc)

City Officials:

  • 1,214 mayors for major cities
  • 8,777 city officials in California
  • 4,716 city officials in Washington State
  • 3,396 city officials in Oregon
  • 56,354 city officials in Pennsylvania
  • 19,821 city officials in Texas
  • 3,290 city officials in Florida
  • 4,907 city officials in Massachusetts


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